Because the risk of homelessness is real

The availability of affordable housing is critical for single mothers. Low vacancy rates, high rents and lengthy waiting lists for rent-geared-to-income housing make it difficult for new families attempting to move out of the Residential Program to secure decent, affordable housing.

Many mothers with toddlers will have nowhere to go. In fact, 14 out of 22 of our clients were homeless or at risk of homelessness coming into the Michael House residency program last year.

Because secure attachment is essential

Supportive housing provides a long-term benefit for the children. Research has shown that healthy brain development occurs when a child experiences stable and caring interactions during the first three years of life.
This is called “secure attachment.” Securely attached children grow into emotionally resilient adults.

Supportive housing offers mothers time to develop positive parenting skills and toddlers time to grow and develop in a safe, secure, loving environment during the early formative years.

Having taken baby steps, it’s time to make the leap

The goal of the supportive housing program is to provide housing solutions for new families who require ongoing support as they make the transition to independent living in the community.

Based on the success of our supportive housing pilot project, we plan to retrofit and expand the existing property at 187 Bristol Street to create eight new supportive housing units.