Supportive Housing provides a safety net for mother and child at a critical time in their lives.

Too often, the young families leaving Michael House find it difficult to secure safe, affordable housing in the community.

Supportive housing improves the environment and the conditions in which families live and learn, positively impacting his or her cognitive, emotional and social well-being for life.

Michael House is blessed to be able to offer eight new supportive housing apartments at our new Emily’s Place location. Emily’s Place residents, with the help of a dedicated support worker, will use their strengths and resources to address issues that may prevent them from providing a stable and secure environment for their child. This process will include regular check-ins to evaluate goals, progress and concerns, all in a comfortable, home-like setting full of bright communal spaces where moms and babies can enjoy the company of other young families and the ongoing support of Michael House’s caring and qualified staff.

If you’d like a better idea of what one of our supportive housing apartments looks like, click this link to be taken to a video walkthrough! Each of our units are unique, but this will give you an understanding of what our spaces look like and how we ready them for new families.

photograph of sleeping baby with pink flower hairband