Our Residential Program provides shelter and support to expectant and new mothers, equipping them with positive parenting and life skills and offering hope and opportunity for a bright future.

photograph of sleeping baby in blue blankets

We provide the most immediate needs ― a warm, safe home and food because proper nourishment and regular medical attention are essential for healthy pregnancies, new mothers and infants. We provide 24-hour on-site staff support during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting (for children under the age of three).

In addition, the Residential Program promotes good parenting skills and incorporates a life skills component that teaches cooking, budgeting and making healthy life choices. The average stay at Michael House is nine months. This allows new mothers time to complete the program and establish healthy parenting patterns. It also allows our staff time to nurture a relationship of trust and cultivate the bonds and abilities that will serve young mothers well, long after they have left our care.

Our Residential Program is our philosophy of care in action. We develop a support infrastructure for the mother, strive to dismantle the poverty mindset and provide a circle of security for the infant.

For intake questions or more information, call us at 519-766-7675 or email ([email protected])