Angel Donor Testimonials

Angels are monthly donors who make a special commitment to our moms and babies.

Angels help provide us with stable funding so that we can, in turn, provide a stable home for vulnerable pregnant women and new mothers in our community.

To read more testimonies from families who have used our services, please click this link!


I became an angel donor several years ago, after doing some volunteer work on the Michael House property. I could see the importance of stable funding that could provide a stable setting for moms and little ones. It means so much to these women to have a home they can count on!
Being an angel donor is so easy. I know my support will continue year-round, even if I’m busy, or travelling, or just plain forgetful. It’s a great way to make sure I really follow through on my intention to support Michael House.

Albert G

My wife and I support Michael House as “angels” because we care so much about the good work they are doing and we know that they need to have stable, “every-month” funding to keep their programs going.


I am a monthly angel donor because the work done by MH is very close to my heart. I have seen firsthand the struggles of pregnant young women who lack support. At MH they are loved and supported to develop into successful parents.

Anonymous Angel Donor

We became angels years ago, don’t remember how long exactly, but we were a young family and the speaker we heard at the time really spoke to us. We are happy to help in a practical way. We have stayed angels this long because we are so impressed with the way the money is spent, and the lack of wasted money on junk mail. Well done Michael House!

Anonymous Angel Donor

I am an angel donor for several reasons. I believe in the sanctity of life from conception onward and if this program encourages even one mother to make a pro-life choice, it’s a win! Also, every mother and child deserves a supportive environment before and after birth. I believe that Michael House provides that support, which has the potential to effect positive outcomes in the lives of those young women and children, who are fortunate enough to come to Michael House.

Anonymous Angel Donor

If you want a pregnant woman to keep her baby, you need to offer her a real-world, better choice. Michael House is it, and it doesn’t come for free.

Anonymous Angel Donor

I give to Michael House because I feel compelled to advocate for and protect (equally) the lives of women and unborn children as they are both God’s image-bearers. To me, Being pro-life not only consists of standing firm in our belief and reason that life is precious from the moment of conception and therefore needs to be protected and supported, but this vocal support should go hand in hand with the idea that as Christians, we are commanded to show our sacrificial love and commitment to vulnerable women and children by providing them with a place in which transformation and healing can happen through the means of physical, financial and spiritual support in Jesus.