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Event Ideas for Supporting Michael House

Birthday Parties

Host a birthday party and, instead of a gift, ask your guests to make a donation to Michael House. During the party you can explain to them that Michael House helps young women overcome difficulties and learn how to effectively parent their children.

Garage Sale

Hold a garage sale, where the money creates a grand donation for Michael House. Have a garage sale on your own or organize an all-street or neighbourhood garage sale. You can also organize a communal garage sale at your children’s school, your church, or community center.

Casual Dress/Dress-Down Day

Arrange for a day at your workplace or school where coworkers or classmates can dress down or more casually in exchange for a donation to Michael House. You can even do this for work-from-home settings! It provides people with an opportunity to dress more comfortably while they appreciate their donations go to helping women and children in need.

Pancake Breakfast or Spaghetti Supper

This event option is perfect for a youth group, high school class, or any communal center. Offer a breakfast or supper in exchange for donations. It doesn’t just have to be pancakes or spaghetti either. It works with any other kind of food. The idea is to combine delicious food with fun while raising funds for the work at Michael House.

Silent Auction

Organize with your neighbours, parents at your children’s school, people in your church, or other members of your community to hold a silent auction where proceeds go to Michael House. Invite local businesses to donate items to the auction and publicize it on social media, local notice boards, and any local paper.

Run, Walk, or Bowl-a-thon

Run, walk, or bowl with family, friends, and the whole community! Create pledge forms, gather participants, collect support, and you’re off to the races (or alleys)!

How to Host an Event for Michael House

01 - Submit Form or Contact Us

Fill out and submit this form and/or email us at as soon as you decide on the event you’ll be organizing. This way we can ensure you have all the materials you’ll need to make your event a success.

02 - Promote! Promote! Promote!

Promotion is the key to a great event and successful fundraising. Let people know through emails, telephone calls, public notices, and be sure to use social media like Facebook and Instagram.

03 - Hold the event

Hold your exciting event. Donations of $20 or more are eligible for tax receipts from Michael House. During the event write down the donors’ names and address so we can issue their receipt. Contact our office in advance for material for your event.

04 - Let us Know!

Please tell us about your success and post about the event on social media!

Yes, I want to host an event in support of Michael House!

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