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Volunteering with Us
Volunteering Commitment

We ask volunteers who are working directly with our families make a minimum of 6 months commitment to volunteering. Commitment of this length supports healthy relationship building, trust and stability within Michael House's homes.

Volunteering at Michael House

Michael House Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Volunteer Policy Volunteers shall be recruited by MHPPSS to augment the support given to clients by staff and shall be subject to staff supervision. Volunteers shall agree to a selection and screening process: the nature of the screening will depend on the volunteer position concerned. Volunteers shall be expected to be familiar with and respect the Guiding Principles and Mission Statement upon which MHPPSS is built. Our Vision: A nurturing community for those facing crisis pregnancies. Our Mission: Drawing on Christian values, Michael House will provide to women in Guelph and area who need it, the offer of shelter during pregnancy, childbirth and the initial post - partum period, and will seek to help such women to make healthy, informed decisions for their own lives and those of their children. We are committed to excellence in providing opp ortunities for the young women to enhance their well - being and to live to their fullest potential through in - house programs, access to community support programs and education. Guiding Principles: 1. We believe that from fertilization to natural death, each human being is unique and precious and has a fundamental right to life. 2. We believe that, in providing an accepting and supporting environment, we will help young women make life - affirming decisions for themselves and their children. 3. We believe in promot ing sexual abstinence outside marriage. 4. We believe in showing the love of Jesus through service to all, regardless of sex, religion, culture, national origin or personality. 5. We believe in being inclusive of the father and extended family, whenever the si tuation allows, benefiting the young mother and her child. 6. We believe in involving the community to provide acceptance and support to all families. Michael House, in fulfilling it s Mission Statement, always supports women who have chosen childbirth. The services are built upon the belief that life begins at conception.


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