Do I have to be pregnant or parenting to be admitted into the program?2021-05-11T07:19:11-05:00

Yes. For both the Residential Program and Supportive Housing you need to be pregnant or parenting. Our program focusses on life skills and attachment based parenting.

Is there a program fee?2021-05-11T07:19:36-05:00

For the Residential Program, this question is discussed in full at the Intake interview. Residents at the Emily’s Place, the Supportive Housing building pay rent.

Would I have my own room?2021-05-11T07:20:08-05:00

In the Residential Program, individual family units have their own room. Occasionally 2 pregnant women share a room.

Can I bring my pets?2021-05-11T07:20:35-05:00

Michael House complies with The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act regarding Service Animals.

Can I bring all of my children into the Michael House Residential Program with me?2021-05-11T07:20:58-05:00

Yes, as long as they are under 2 years of age.

Can I have visitors?2021-05-11T07:21:18-05:00

There are visiting hours at the Residence. All visitors in either program need to be approved by Program Managers before they are given the confidential address of the residence.

Will I have help with my baby?2021-05-11T07:21:42-05:00

The Residence is staffed 24/7. Tenants at Emily’s Place are expected to care for their children independently.

Is there an age cut off for the programs?2021-05-11T07:22:02-05:00

There is no age cut-off for mothers.

How does someone complete the Residential Program?2021-05-11T07:22:23-05:00

Women can enter the program prenatally or postnatally and work through the program stages.

How long do Moms usually stay in the program?2021-05-11T07:22:41-05:00

Women stay in the Residential Program from 3-12 months. Women stay in Emily’s Place up to 3 years.

Can I Come to Michael House right now?2021-05-11T07:23:43-05:00

No. We are not an emergency shelter. We are a Residential Program. There is an application process, interview and at sometimes, a waiting list.

How do I donate new, or gently used items to Michael House? (Gift in Kind)2022-07-13T13:55:49-05:00
Please see our wish list for our most needed items we are accepting right now. https://www.michaelhouse.ca/ways-to-give/in-kind-donations/
Please contact us before dropping off donated items. 519-766-7675 x103 or email [email protected]
Our programming requirements do not mandate that our Residents participate in any religious activities.  Our program criteria primarily involves Life Skills, Parenting Skills, Counselling etc.
Michael House is an inclusive community. We welcome all families regardless of faith perspectives.
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