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Do I have to be pregnant or parenting to be admitted into the program?2021-05-11T07:19:11-05:00

Yes. For both the Residential Program and Supportive Housing you need to be pregnant or parenting. Our program focusses on life skills and attachment based parenting.

Is there a program fee?2021-05-11T07:19:36-05:00

For the Residential Program, this question is discussed in full at the Intake interview. Residents at the Emily’s Place, the Supportive Housing building pay rent.

Would I have my own room?2021-05-11T07:20:08-05:00

In the Residential Program, individual family units have their own room. Occasionally 2 pregnant women share a room.

Can I bring my pets?2021-05-11T07:20:35-05:00

Michael House complies with The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act regarding Service Animals.

Can I bring all of my children into the Michael House Residential Program with me?2021-05-11T07:20:58-05:00

Yes, as long as they are under 2 years of age.

Can I have visitors?2021-05-11T07:21:18-05:00

There are visiting hours at the Residence. All visitors in either program need to be approved by Program Managers before they are given the confidential address of the residence.

Will I have help with my baby?2021-05-11T07:21:42-05:00

The Residence is staffed 24/7. Tenants at Emily’s Place are expected to care for their children independently.

Is there an age cut off for the programs?2021-05-11T07:22:02-05:00

There is no age cut-off for mothers.

How does someone complete the Residential Program?2021-05-11T07:22:23-05:00

Women can enter the program prenatally or postnatally and work through the program stages.

How long do Moms usually stay in the program?2021-05-11T07:22:41-05:00

Women stay in the Residential Program from 3-12 months. Women stay in Emily’s Place up to 3 years.

Can I Come to Michael House right now?2021-05-11T07:23:43-05:00

No. We are not an emergency shelter. We are a Residential Program. There is an application process, interview and at sometimes, a waiting list.

How do I donate new, or gently used items to Michael House? (Gift in Kind)2022-07-13T13:55:49-05:00
Please see our wish list for our most needed items we are accepting right now. https://www.michaelhouse.ca/ways-to-give/in-kind-donations/
Please contact us before dropping off donated items. 519-766-7675 x103 or email [email protected]
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