Michael House Friends,

Christmas JOY – A Season of JOY, Peace and Goodwill to All!

Is that how you are feeling as we approach Christmas and the Holiday Season?

As we come to the end of 2021, we may be feeling depleted and just want to infuse our spirits with JOY!  I am sure like many of you, 2021 has sometimes felt like a huge roller coaster ride that at times, you just wanted to shout – “Let me off this ride”.

But, amid much uncertainty, we have experienced some very special Blessings this year.  I am so grateful for so many people supporting Michael House and the beautiful families we get to serve. This brings us so much JOY!

Ann Voskamp is an author that I so enjoy, I want to share with you a quote from Ann…

“The World needs less fearmongers and more Hopemongers.  Fear says our only choices are fight, flight or freeze, but Hope says we always have the choice of optimism, options and optimizing all things for good.  Hopemongers know there will always be obstacles in the way, but there is always still a way.  Homemongers believe the Way forward is always greater than any obstacles in the way. Hopemongers know there is always a way to get from here to there…”

I sincerely hope that this year, we will all choose to be Hopemongers because the world needs this from us and just as we reach out this hand of Hope to others, I can almost guarantee that our spirits will be infused with JOY!

As we launch our Annual Christmas JOY Campaign for 2021, would you consider giving to Michael House through this annual matching challenge?  These funds go to support our work as we bring Hope to women and their beautiful children! This is our fifth year celebrating Christmas Joy for Michael House.

  • Give $100, we get $200!
  • Our amazing matching donors will match all donations received up to $32,000.
  • Our Goal for this year is to raise $45,000 for the work of Michael House. We are so grateful to have so many wonderful supporters and community partners that join us in this journey with our families!

We thank you in advance and wish you a season that is full of Joy and Love!

Karen Kamphuis