The stylish ladies will lead you in a brainstorming session on how to “wow” your friends as host of a seasonal ladies’ brunch! Topics covered in this workshop include ideas around: planning, theme, table settings, food and wine pairings, setting the mood and more.

Feast your eyes on their beautifully styled tablescape and bring home ideas for your next get-together. No matter the level of formality, you too can be the hostess with the most-est!

Energize Your Living Space!

Paula from The Plumber’s Wife Kitchen and Bath Boutique in Arthur, will showcase decorating styles that will energize your living space using texture, colour and a touch of whimsy!

Showcasing trends for 2020 as seen on their Instagram and Facebook feed, while mixing in classic pieces that will help develop your personal style.

Furniture Planning with the Pros… Don’t know how to arrange
 your space? Having trouble finding a spot for that inherited piece
 from your late Aunt? We have some simple rules to share with 
 you that will allow you to organize and arrange any space with the
 correct flow and proportions. You will also meet our special 
 guests (it’s a secret) and find out about the custom furniture 
 process! Don’t forget to measure and photograph your 
 “problem” areas so that we can address your concerns one-on-
 one during the last 20 minutes of our workshop

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