What is the Baby Bottle Campaign?

This campaign runs between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Fill a baby bottle with your loose change.

The campaign is managed by a church or organization through a special volunteer team or ambassador who will coordinate the campaign and serve as the liaison with Michael House.

Empty baby bottles are distributed to participants on Mother’s Day and returned full of change on Father’s Day. Gifts received during baby bottle campaigns are used to help pregnant and parenting young women in our community.

How do I get my church/organization started?

Talk with your church leadership or senior manager. After you are given the “green light,” please complete the registration (see below). You may also give us a call. We will be in touch with you and help you in your plans and preparation. We provide bulletin inserts, baby bottles and campaign tips and hints for your organization to use during the campaign. Once the money has been tallied, we report back to you with the total that you raised.

Thank you for your interest in Michael House’s Baby Bottle Campaign. It is always a privilege to partner with you in the work we do together in our community.

If you have any questions, contact the office at 519-766-7675 or email [email protected]


Yes, I want to contribute to the baby bottle campaign


Bulletin Announcements

You can use these announcements in your church bulletin during the weeks of the Baby Bottle Campaign.

Distribution Sunday

Don’t forget to pick up your baby bottle today for the Michael House Baby Bottle Campaign. Fill your bottle with cheques, bills and change and support the life-changing programs at Michael House Pregnancy Care Centre. Bottles will be collected on Father’s Day. Michael House is a charitable agency located in Guelph, Ontario dedicated to providing shelter and support to pregnant and parenting young women.

One Week Before Collection

Please remember to fill your baby bottles for Michael House Baby Bottle Campaign and return them full or empty next Sunday. Cheques can be made out to Michael House Pregnancy Care Centre. Michael House is a charitable agency located in Guelph, Ontario dedicated to providing housing and services to pregnant and parenting women in need of a supportive environment. Thank you for your participation.

Bottle Collection

Thank you for participating in the Michael House Baby Bottle Campaign. Please leave your bottles in your church’s designated location when you leave today. Money given will support the life-changing programs at Michael House. Every dollar is appreciated and used wisely. If you want to discover more ways to get involved with Michael House or are looking for more helpful information visit www.michaelhouse.ca. For regular news about Michael House, LIKE us on Facebook.

Thank you from the team at Michael House!