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Join us for our annual Celebrate Spring Fundraiser!

This event is jam-packed with vendors, workshops, crafts, food, and so much more! We will be offering workshops with various themes throughout the day. We will feature various vendors all day long, so you can shop, craft, and explore as you choose. Proceeds from this event will go to supporting Michael House’s important work with women and families in our community.

Gardening & Floral Workshops

Spring Arrangement for Easter

Lisa is back with us with another make-and-take creative arrangement for Easter. For an additional $25 you can join Lisa’s class and make this adorable Spring arrangement in this Bunny cup. This will be yours to take home and enjoy during the Spring season! (Designs By Lisa - Lisa Koebel)

Creating Your Own Cutting Gard

Emily from Mapleton Acres will share tips and tricks on how to plant your own cutting garden this year to not only fill your garden with beautiful flowers but also your home. You’ll add to your toolbox of both perennial and annual plants that can provide you with blooms throughoutthe growing season and learn tips and tricks on how to harvest them for the best vase life. No matter the size of your garden (or patio containers), you’ll be able to have a variety of blooms to design with all season long. (Mapleton Acres - Emily)

Welcome Spring to Your Front Porch

We all struggle in early Spring to make the front of our homes look welcoming. The holidays are a distant memory, but it is too early to have real flowers in our planters. Lisa is going to take 3 different porches and take them from the ho-hum tired days of late winter into a Welcome Spring Theme! (Designs by Lisa - Lisa Koebel and Friends)

Food & Nutrition Workshops

Drinking Tea for Health and Wellness

Learn all about tea and the positive mental health and physical wellness benefits that come from each soothing cup. (Tea With Tracie - Tracie Michaud)

Crème De La Crème – Simplifying French Cuisine

Larissa will be showcasing the following French recipes in her workshop: Warm French Goat’s Cheese Salad (Salade de Chevre Chaud), Potato Chive Galette, Salted Chocolate Pots de Crème. (Larissa Aubrey)

Conscious Meal Planning

With the high cost of food these days, households are struggling to keep their food budget under control. Join Connie as she will be sure to inspire you as she gives tips and tricks on reducing our food costs as well as consciously planning for meals and those trips to the grocery store. (Café 245 - Chef Connie Raso)

Décor and Craft Workshops

Living with Less Stuff

Do you often feel overwhelmed by how much STUFF you have? The work and time to store, organize and think about it all can be consuming. Join Tina as she helps put framework around living with less as well as organizing and keeping on top of the special things you want and need to keep. (Tina’s Organizing - Tina Buccella)

How Interior Décor Impacts Your Wellness

We all have stressful days. Whether it’s work, family related, a fight with a co-worker or spouse, we all look forward to “going home” to relax and recharge. Our home is our refuge from these moments and it is important that our personal space provides solace and a positive environment to exist. This workshop will show you how to decorate your space, with furnishings and colour, to create an environment to reduce stress and increase mental health. (Stefanie McDonald Interiors - Stefanie McDonald)

Tips to Maximize Your Space

Whether you are downsizing or just looking to maximize the look and feel of the space in a room, Pam will show you some ways to create more space both physically and visually. Pam will share size guidelines, paint colours, furniture style and size, flow of space, wall décor ideas and much more. Pam will be happy to answer any questions guests have for their own space. (Refreshed and Refined Interiors - Pam Stumpf)

Health & Beauty

Detox Dynamo

Lighten your load and swing into Spring as you ignite your amazing powers of detoxification. Your body is your most faithful ally, constant companion and lifelong friend. Let’s learn how to be more kind to it. From the inside out, every minute of every day your body is all about “out with the old and in with the new”. Did you know in 10 years, every single cell in your body will be replaced? You constantly have the opportunity to create a latest edition that is vivacious and vibrant. Learn creative ways to help organs of detoxification work best. We are talking how to love your live, lymphatics and lungs, be kind to your kidneys, slough off old skin, give you gut the glow it deserves and energize your emotions so they can be more like energy-in-motion. Dr. Brown is an author of Amazon’s bestseller Beyond Digestion, naturopathic Doctor and owner of Southend Natural Medicine in Guelph. This session is for FUN and educational purposes only. It does not constitute individual medical advice. (Dr. Laura Brown, ND)

Spring Beauty Tips and Tricks

Sara brings a wealth of Beauty experience to her workshop working in the industry for a number of years and honing her skills. After a long, cold winter, our skin often needs a boost as we head into the new Spring season. Join Sara as she talks about different skin types, how to care for the various challenges we have with our skin. Sara will also be inspiring us with make-up tricks for Spring and may need a helper to be the model volunteer during her workshop. (Sara Kazimi)

Health, It’s In You! Three Steps to create abundant health and longevity.

Join Dr. Claire Jeffery in her workshop as she shares how to create glowing health from the inside out! (Dr. Claire Jeffery, Chiropractor)
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