Essential Oils and Menopause

Join Deborah as she teaches us how to incorporate the use of specific oils to combat the effects of menopause and stabilize our emotions and hormones.

Full Body Exercise Program

Essentrics is a full body exercise program that works all 650 muscles of the body.

Essentrics is a lengthening, strengthening, slenderizing and toning program and is suited to all ages. Based on a unique scientific formula to rebalance the body, Essentrics is made up of everyday-type movements, many of which follow circular patterns aimed at re-balancing the muscles and joints. Essentrics will improve posture, increase flexibility, re-balance the body, reduce pain and help with weight loss.

The program was developed by Miranda Esmond White, former ballerina in the Canadian National Ballet.

Presented by Marisa Phillips

Financial Wellness for Women

Cathy from RBC will discuss some of the deterrents for women to achieve Financial Health.  Keys to developing a plan and steps on how to get there will be inspirational and motivating!

Presented by RBC Royal Bank Financial