Our Vision:

Empower resilient women to overcome barriers for the betterment of themselves and their children.

Our Mission:

To provide shelter and support to pregnant and parenting women and their children in need


Living Our Mission:

•We offer a compassionate, strengths-based environment inspired by Christian values which provides for the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of women and their children.

•We encourage positive parenting and provide access to educational, parenting and life skills training that will allow women to make healthy and informed decisions for their family.

•We advocate on behalf of women and their children who have turned to us for assistance.

•We partner with multiple community agencies and organizations to provide wrap-around care and support for women and their families, for successful, independent living in the community.

•We journey with families to create a community where women thrive and feel equipped and supported to lead and love their family.


Guiding Principles:

1. We believe that from fertilization to natural death, each human being is unique and precious and has a fundamental right to life.

2. We believe that, in providing an accepting and supporting environment, we will help young women make life-affirming decisions for themselves and their children.

3. We believe in showing the love of Jesus through service to all.

4. We believe in being inclusive of the father and extended family, whenever the situation allows, benefiting the young mother and her child.

5. We believe in involving the community to provide acceptance and support to all families.