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General Program FAQs

Yes. For both the Residential Program and Supportive Housing programs you must be pregnant or parenting. These programs focus on life skills and attachment based parenting. Our Aftercare and Drop-In programs are similarly designed for parenting mothers.

We welcome families from across Ontario.

No. Michael House is not an emergency shelter. We provide programs with an application process, interview, and sometimes, a waiting list.

If you need emergency assistance and are facing homelessness, try calling Here 24/7: 1-844-437-3247 (844-HERE247)

Michael House welcomes all donations, but we limit what we can accept from the generous community. Please see our wish list for our most needed items that we are accepting right now. https://www.michaelhouse.ca/ways-to-give/in-kind-donations/
Please contact us before dropping off donated items by calling 519-766-7675 x103 or emailing office@michaelhouse.ca.

Michael House is an inclusive community. We welcome all families regardless of faith perspectives. We do not mandate that our residents participate in any religious activities. Our residence program’s criteria primarily involves life skills, parenting skills, counselling, etc.

Residential Program FAQs

This question is discussed in length during an intake interview.

Individual family units have their own room. The rest of the large 5-bedroom home is shared with other women and children who live there as a common area.

There is no age cut-off for mothers.

Michael House complies with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act regarding service animals.

The Residence has support staff 24/7.

There are visiting hours at the Residence. All visitors need to be approved by Program Managers.

Women stay in the Residential Program from 3-12 months with an average of 9 months.

Supportive Housing Program

This question is discussed in length during an intake interview.

In the Supportive Housing program, each family has their own furnished private 2-bedroom apartment with their own bathroom, kitchen, living room etc.

Possibly. The apartments in our Supportive Housing Program are only 2-bedroom. Any more than 2 children may not have enough room. This will be further discussed during an intake interview.

There is no age cut-off for mothers or children in the Supportive Housing Program.

Michael House complies with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act regarding service animals.

Tenants at Supportive Housing care for their children independently.

Women stay in Supportive Housing for up to 2 years.

There are visiting hours at Supportive Housing. All visitors need to be approved by Program Managers.


We actively help at least 65 families in the Aftercare program. As more women and families go through our programs, that number continues to grow.

We assist women until they find their footing. Sometimes families are independent for a few years before a significant event in their life introduces new difficulties. We welcome these families back into the Aftercare program for additional support.

65% of families have a safe place, good routine, and are moving forward in their independent lives by the first year. In the second year, that increases to 91%.

A goal of our program is that families during their stay and after they leave can access community supports to build a network that includes Michael House and others.

Donor FAQ’S

There are many ways to give and we are so glad you asked. We would love to talk this through with you. Please contact Erwin van Laar on our Stewardship Development team and he would gladly walk you through the amazing opportunities available. Please visit Ways to Give for more information.

Yes, those can be wise vehicles to give through. We look forward to you contacting the Stewardship Development team and letting us walk with you on this giving journey.

There are at least four different ways to leave funds for our work – here is the most common one:

“I give, devise and bequeath to Michael House Pregnancy and Parenting Support and Services (CRA Charitable Registration #859909137RR0001), a charitable organization incorporated in 2001 whose office resides at 187 Bristol Street, Guelph, ON, N1H 3M2, _______% of the rest and residue of my estate.”

If this one does not fit your purposes, please call the team in Stewardship Development and they can guide you moving forward. Email Erwin.

Yes, there are many different tasks available both within the home as well as representing Michael House in your community. Click here to fill in an application form. Do not worry about filling it all in, especially if you are in discovery. A Volunteer Coordinator will connect with you shortly.
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